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Welcome to the site of Boring.

I went to highschool with Dean. He's the most boring person I have ever met, but that's ok. At least he lives up to his name.

Find out more about him and his company, Boring Business Systems at,

Life with Dean Boring.

I guess you could say that boring and I are good friends. After all, I talked to him almost everyday back in highschool. I usually said stuff like, "Hey Dean, what's it like to be such a boring guy.? He would usually respond with a friendly, "Hey, thats not nice." Then he would shed a tear or two as a sign of our friendship. Man, those were the days.

Our Glory Days

Wow, so many memories. Dean loved to talk about his dream, to become an astronaut. He would say,"Dickie, some day I will go up into space and I'll be a hero."

"Don't be silly Dean, you will never be more than a boring business executive," I would say.


"No, Boring, I'm sorry but it's true."

"Aw..." he would sigh with a sad look on his face.

I think we really conected during these times of discusion. He really loved it when I pretended to ridicule him. He even pretended to cry to make it more realistic. He's such a great friend. I know this because he never thretened to murder me or anything! Not even once!!!

Washing and Waxing Tips

Coming Soon.

Me, Dickie Dixon

Isn't he cute!!!

My good budy Mr. Dean Boring has expressed to me that he would like it conveyed that any one who would like to contact him with questions or comments should feel free to do so, as it is a welcome bit of spice to his otherwise boring life(no pun intended).

(863) 686-3167