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Dean Boring, a naturalist.
Green Peace
As an avid promoter of the enviornment Mr Boring has donated in excess of 100,000,000 $ to Green Peace. He has also assisted in wild life preservation efferts in Uganda,Canada,and Malasia. I once had the pleasure of seeing him help a young injured wilderbeast to breast feed from its mother In the Congo while staving off a watching pack off lions with a flair. I am sure that the pleasre we felt in our hearts at this selfless act on behalf of an animal was even greater for the object of his efferts. Dean Boring is truely an example of the American man, fit to be called a Rouph Rider.

Dean's favorite vacation spot!
I love the Southwest. You won't find better scenery anywhere! Dean has been quoted as saying "Someday i'll be able to invest in an oil venture and suck this dry" " Untill then i'll make sure all my lovly little anamals have a good home."
Dean is a Dedicated Vegeterian !
As a dedicated vegaterian and Animal rights Activist Dean Boring has spent a great deal of time in his efferts to, "stop the sensless slaughter of cattle and the neglect of house hold pets." As he puts it. Some of his credits include going and speaking out at meetings of the Unified Florda Vegans coalition, and the picket rally in front of the Burger King's and McDonalds chains in his home of Lakeland Florda.

Green Peace USA

A short Political Chat, by A. Dean Boring>
It has always troubled me when I am out in the undeveloped places of the world, to see how much they are racing twords the industrial economys of the United States. What disturbs me is that there is a real rush to dystroy beatiful land and resources to build up a modern humanity. This can be done easily without dystroying the envirnment, but when development is rushed, especialy in third world countries without strict regulations it is easy to take harmfull short cuts and ruin the envirnment, or eradicate indigonouse species. I am also very concerned that this kind of thing happens often and illegaly in the U.S. And now I must ask, why do we place such a high price on that which will ultimatly destroy our species?

That's my Bush!
"I am pleased to anounce that Dean, will have the pleasure of adding a touch of Boring to the Presedents re-election campain." Dick Cheney> Yes lovable Dean will be working for his beloved George W. Bush in the coming year!!! more to come*

African Americans And Me (Dean)
I have always been irratated by racism and in the twenty first century, shouldn't we as a people be above such disgracefull behaviors? This is why My good friends Jonney and Sally, are pioneers of what we should come to expect as a community and a united people. I hope all of my white friends can live and learn from their good example!