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He's Lovable, he's sweet,he's rich, he's heterosexualy challenged. For some reason all of the woman, (and men for that matter) within what seems like a hundred miles will not give Dean a second look, and he needs our help!

  How To Help!>
I told Dean that the best way for us to promote his future hapieness is to set up this page and send up a plea to all of his friends here on the web to get him a mate, date, or other. If you or anyone that you know would like to take the Boaring challenge send an email to me Dickie or Dean himself. A picture is always apreaciated,but certainly not required. If he feels confident tht you or your friend will be compatible he will contact you via email, and after a reasonable period of corespondece will be willing to fly to meet you if you are far way!This will include an expencisve dinner, a day of shopping, and clubing at night, and what ever else you (he or she) would like to do. We await your good graces and help, hope to hear you soon.

Beautiful Waterfall, Isn't It? But The beauty of this waterfall is paled in comparison to the splender and warm feelings that it would give me (Dickie) but especialy my life long pall Dean to see himself with a good looking wonderfull man or woman....(why be picky he always tells me) We both believe that it would bring a splendid peace and tranquility to his life.

This is my favorite picnic place. Boring and I love its sunny open feel. This is the place we were siting when we came up with the idea for his web salvation!
The By n' By birth place. He told me that one day he was visiting this place with his mother when he saw a cute park ranger. "There was just this somthing about those tight green pants" he said, and "then I knew that the human body of both sexes was equally beatifull and sexy". It seemes to me that while we are here on this earth that we need to live life to the fullest and to seek too satisfy our desires and urges while we are able. This is the beauty of free will, and not being locked in to populer opinion.

" I have always been a prudn't man, and am always one to play it safe."